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CEC is committed to creating a more resilient and just region in the face of climate change. Through our work with the Central Coast Climate Justice Network and elsewhere, our vision includes an end to racial injustices and their resulting environmental inequities.

“Intern Spotlight” is a series about former CEC interns, detailing their experiences at the organization and finding out what they are up to now. Over the years, hundreds of interns have helped CEC with its environmental programs while gaining useful skills and connections pertinent to their future careers. 

Becky Dempsey works as the Marketing Programs Manager for GreenBiz Group in the Bay Area. Becky completed a six-month internship at CEC following graduation from UC Santa Barbara with a double major in Environmental Studies and Business Economics.

Tell us about your internship at CEC:

My primary responsibilities included editing website content, creating ads on social media, targeting audiences, framing language to appeal to different audiences, and analyzing marketing results. I learned how to leverage social media as an event-marketing tool, and contributed to the development and implementation of the marketing strategy for the 2012 Earth Day Festival. I also organized and managed the Climate Corps volunteers at Earth Day that year. These were students who went out into the festival to collect photos and stories, which I posted in real time on social media and a live website. It was my first experience managing a team of volunteers.

What did you learn by being mentored?:

Everyone at CEC made it a priority to teach interns the fundamentals, to ensure that we learned something from the process itself and applied it in a practical and professional way. Interns are granted a tremendous amount of responsibility and independence, which is unique. The staff at CEC beautifully balances mentorship, leadership, friendship, and teaching.

Did your internship influence your decision to pursue a career in “green marketing”? What transferrable skills did you gain?

My online marketing internship ultimately led to my position now as the head of the Marketing Program for GreenBiz. I fully pursue marketing in my current line of work, and CEC was my first genuine introduction to this world. For example, I gained the ability to develop and implement an event-specific marketing strategy, leverage social media, and analyze marketing analytics — all of which I do in my current job now. The CEC internship was the principal reason I chose to pursue a career in this line of work.

Tell us a little more about GreenBiz Group, and your responsibilities at this company in the Bay Area:

GreenBiz Group is a media and events company that focuses on corporate sustainability, as well as the intersection between technology and sustainability. There are four major sub-groups within the company, which focus on our daily news website, IT reports, events, and networking. I work on the events side of things. I started out as the Associate Community Manager, where I created marketing materials, worked to put together in-kind media partnerships to support and socialize our events, and helped grow audiences. I’m now the head of our Marketing Program, where I handle the media and events side of the company. In this new role I’ve shifted more toward marketing strategy. I provide our sales and marketing teams with the collateral and marketing materials they need to be effective, and I work directly with graphic designers on GreenBiz Group marketing materials. Everything I do now has to do with marketing; my internship at the CEC truly has come full circle.

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