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CEC is committed to creating a more resilient and just region in the face of climate change. Through our work with the Central Coast Climate Justice Network and elsewhere, our vision includes an end to racial injustices and their resulting environmental inequities.
Tesla Electric Car

Thanks to programs that CEC has helped initiate, our region has one of the highest per capita rates of electric vehicle drivers in the U.S. Yet there is still more to be done. We are hard at work supporting the planning, infrastructure, and education needed to move toward California’s clean vehicle goals, as issued by Governor Jerry Brown in January this year:

  • 5 million Zero Emission Vehicles in California by 2030
  • 250,000 vehicle charging stations and 200 hydrogen refueling stations by 2025

The growth of the electric vehicle (EV) market will rely heavily on the word-of-mouth of individuals who own or lease EVs. If this is you, help spark increased electric vehicle adoption by telling friends about your positive experience with owning or leasing an EV – and then let them know about the available incentives.

Available Incentives

Right now, a person who buys or leases an EV can get between $1,950 and $4,950 back if they combine the state’s Clean Vehicle Rebate and SCE’s Clean Fuel Rebate, and even more for a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle. This is more than enough to cover the down payment for most EV leases with money left behind! Plus, the vast majority of EVs still qualify for a Federal Tax Credit of up to $7,500. See details on each of these programs below. Questions? Contact CEC’s Transportation & Climate Specialist Cameron Gray at

California Clean Vehicle Rebate

California residents get up to $7,000 for the purchase or lease of a new, eligible zero-emission or plug-in hybrid light-duty vehicle. Since 2010, over 200,000 clean cars have received this rebate. Learn more.

Southern California Edison Rebate

Southern California Edison is offering a $450 rebate for customers who drive all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. Learn more.

Federal Tax Credit

A Federal tax credit of up to $7,500 is available on a wide variety of EVs. A limited number of credits are available for each make of a vehicle, so the sooner you are able to purchase, the more likely you’ll be able to receive a credit. The California Air Resources Board offers a clear explanation of the benefits and a full list of qualified vehicles. Learn more.

Other California Incentives

Lower rates for electric vehicle charging, carpool lane stickers, and many other incentives are available in California. The Federal Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy has a page that lists them all by state. Learn more.

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