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CEC is committed to creating a more resilient and just region in the face of climate change. Through our work with the Central Coast Climate Justice Network and elsewhere, our vision includes an end to racial injustices and their resulting environmental inequities.

A healthy environment is the underpinning of a good life for ourselves and our children. Without clean air, sustainable food systems and secure water supplies, nothing else matters.

For nearly 50 years, CEC has led the environmental movement by advocating and creating innovative community-based solutions to preserve and protect our natural resources. Recycling, community gardens, hazardous waste collection, renewable energy, plastic reduction – these and every other program we embark on result in a cleaner, healthier tri-county region.

As a climate-focused, solutions-oriented nonprofit, we rely on philanthropic investment from our community. Our supporters are our HEROES.

Thank you to our 2018 Donors

* denotes in-kind gift

$25,000 and above

Audacious Foundation
Santa Barbara Foundation
The Schlinger Family Foundation
Sea Forward Fund
The Yardi Foundation
Zegar Family Foundation

$10,000 - 24,999

City of Santa Barbara
James S. Bower Foundation
June G. Outhwaite Charitable Trust
Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator
MarBorg Industries
The Newman Fund/
Betsy and Charles Newman
Oniracom *
Rincon Broadcasting *

The Roddick Foundation
Santa Barbara Independent *
Jean Schuyler
Social Venture Partners
Southern California Edison
Suzanne and John Steed
The Towbes Foundation
Union Bank Foundation
Dr. G. William Arnett and Sally Warner-Arnett
Michael Weissman
Heidi Jensen Winston

$5,000 to $9,999

Jennifer Cushnie and Dennis Allen
Babich Family Foundation
Bella Vista Designs *
Leslie Sweem Bhutani and Ashish Bhutani
Wendy and Chris Blau
Diane Boss
Carp Events *
Clean Coalition
Ellyn Cole
Corbett Family Charitable Foundation
Cox Communications
Sheila and Tom Cullen
Cultivate Events *

Deanna and Jim Dehlsen
Drink Water with Life *
Explore Ecology *
Carolyn and Andrew Fitzgerald
Nancy and Karl Hutterer
Impact Hub *
Bonnie and Dick Jensen
Judith Stapelmann Fund
Kim Kimbell
Mark and Caroline Montgomery Memorial Fund
Adriana and Igor Mezic
New Noise

Music Foundation *
Pacific Beverage Co.
PHAROS Creative LLC *
Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition *
Lisa Stratton and Peter Schuyler
So Delicious
St. Aton Foundation
Theimer Group *
WA Event Management *
Write Kinda Girl *
WWW Foundation
Seyburn Zorthian

$2,500 to $4,999

Advanced Veterinary Specialists
Katy and Gary Allen
Allen Construction
Bank of America
boone graphics *
Karen and Peter Brill
Brittingham Family Foundation
Buynak Fauver Archbald
& Spray
Bye-Bye Mattress
Cambria Estate Vineyard & Winery *
Laura Capps
Central Coast Clean Cities Coalition
Carolyn Chandler
Endelos Energy
Emily and Dan Engel
Envision Solar
Foundation for Santa Barbara City College

Chris Gallo
Dena and Adam Green
Green Star Coffee *
KCSB-FM 91.9 *
The Learningden Preschool *
Barbara and Albert Lindemann
LoaTree *
Ruth Loomer
Lucidity *
Matilija Pure Water *
M & M Foundation
Marc McGinnes
Mission Wealth Management
Dawn Mitcham
Montecito Bank & Trust
Katie Davis and Albert Oaten
Alelia Parenteau

Perry Ford
Rite Care Childhood Language Center *
Ruth H. Brown Foundation
The Sandbox *
Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District *
Santa Barbara International Film Festival *
Santa Barbara Nissan
Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians
The Sentinel *
Sol Wave Water *
Danielle and Bret Stone
Synergy Marketing Partners
Tomchin Family Foundation
Town and Country Event Rentals *
Shelley and Kenny Van Zant
Elizabeth and Nate Wagner
Jon Walker
Elizabeth Weber
John Woodward
Katherine and Stephanie Yeung

$1,000 to $2,499

Pat and Evan Aptaker
Armand Hammer Foundation
B + B Foundation
Baltoro Trust
Beckman Vineyards*
Scott Stefan and Deborah Bettencourt
Jack Bianchi*
Michael Bordofsky
Bragg Health Foundation
Emma Bridges
Steve Connor and Catherine Brozowski
California Fuel Cell Partnership *
Gail and John Campanella
Julie Capritto
Susan and Claude Case
Channel Islands Restoration
Clementine Carter Wines *
John Mike and Marcia Cohen
Condor Express *

Haley and Hal Conklin
Anna and Ian Cronshaw *
Dancing Tides Foundation
Jean and Dave Davis
Dagny and Jim B. Dehlsen
Draughtsmen Aleworks
Electric Bikes of Santa Barbara
Julie Hendricks and Brian Fahnestock
Foley Estates *
Sharon Granoff
Dan Higgins
Kristin and Richard Hogue
Hope Ranch Living *
Jano Graphics *
Dana Jennings
Jean and Ivor John
Johnson Ohana Foundation
Karen and John Jostes

Kaplan Family Foundation
Michelle and Bruce Kendall
Louise LaMothe
Lawrence C. Ng Family Foundation
Dan’l Lewin
Craig Lewis
Elliott MacDougall
Connie and Rob Maday
Laura and Russell McGlothlin
Gloria and John McManus
Betty and Mike Noling
Gail Osherenko
Sarah and Michael Paskin
Pedego Electric Bikes *
Stacy and Ron Pulice
Paul Relis

Matt Riley
Tina Schlieske and Justine Roddick
Phyllis de Picciotto and Stan Roden
Rand Rosenberg
Delia Rothney-Jones *
Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation
Santa Ynez Vacation Rentals
Arjun Sarkar *
Holly and Lanny Sherwin
Story Bikes *
Sun Grown Solutions
Sunday Goods
Jeff and Stephanie Theimer
Molly and John Vowels
Deborah Williams and Rance Wall
Whole Foods Market *
Jules Zimmer
Dana and Zohar Ziv

$500 to $999

Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners
Jill and Corey Anderson
Kyle Begley
Hillary Blackerby
Jill Feldman and Arnold Brier
Monika McCoy and Russell Chamberlin
Darlene Chirman
Sean Conroy
Alexander Corman
Debra Geiger and Eliot Crowley
Anne Daniel
Chris and Robert DeVries
Nadra Ehrman
Feast and Fest Catering *
Beth and Dodd Geiger

Granada Theater *
Michael and Elaine Gray
Daniel Gunther
Randall Hahn
Kara Jacobs
Vijaya and Rao Jammalamadaka
Sally Kendall
Marsha Kotylar
Kenneth Kraus
Beryl and Neil Kreisel
Lindesfarne Foundation
Jefferson Litten
Felisa and Mark Manion
Davin Mantell

Siri and Bob Marshall
Bonnie and Pat McElroy
Janet McGinnis
Jessica and Michael McLernon
Sharon Metsch
Montecito Association *
Devon Geiger Nielsen
Gina and John Nisbet
Noozhawk *
Pacific Rim Adventures
Anne and Bob Patterson
Constance Penley
Quail Springs Permaculture *
Wendy and James Read

Victoria Riskin and David Rintels
Santa Barbara Popcorn *
Santa Barbara Metropolitan
Transit District *
Christiane Schlumberger
Anthony Shih
Stacy Byers and Luke Swetland
Lois Phillips and Dennis Thompson
Paul Tucker
Carol Vernon and Bob Turbin
Dianne and Daniel Vapnek
Visit Santa Barbara *
Kevin White
Melissa and Tobin White
Janet Wolf

$250 to $499

Acme Hospitality *
Rebecca and Peter Adams
Ronald and Sherri Adler
Atlas Rehabilitation for Canines*
Michael Bigler
Keith Brown
Gay Browne
Joyce and Roland Bryan
NancyBell Coe and Bill Burke
Susan Burns
Kelly Carlson
Sue and Jeff Carmody
C’est Cheese *
Donna Massello-Chiacos and Lee Chiacos
Marni and Michael Cooney

Core Power Yoga *
Ghita Ginberg and Deborah Lee Cox
Ned Seder and Lilyan Cuttler
Carol and Grant Davidson
Sally and Terry Eagle
Edhat *
Marine Schumann and Jeremy Favier
Gwyn Lurie and Les Firestein
Fund for Santa Barbara
Frances Gilliland
Amy and Mike Grenier
Lila Trachtenberg and George Handler
Jeffrey Hankoff

Aira Harris
Jerry Hatchett
Barbara Widmer and Dave Hennerman
Van Henson
Barbara Hirsch
Cass Ensberg and Tom Jacobs
Sharon Keigher
Killer B Fitness *
Kimpton Goodland *
Kopu Pure Sparkling Water *
Lobero Theater *
Jim Hodgson and Sharyn Main
Julian Michalowski
Joan and Bill Murdoch

Donald and Jan O’Dowd
Olson-Franco Family Trust
Anaïs Pellegrini
Santa Barbara Symphony *
Savoy Wines *
Eve Sommer-Belin
Sustainable Vine Wine Tours *
Jacob Tell
Jack Theimer
UCSB Arts and Lectures *
Stacey and Chris Ulep
Wandering Dog Bar *
Michelle Weinman
Nancy Wilkinson
Steve Windhager

$100 to $249

Angela Antenore
Elisa and Joseph Atwill
Molly Barnes
Bonnie Blau
Norman & Liz Brown
Gay Bryant
Cheryl Bube
Paula Burnham Johnson
Lois Capps
Jane Carey
Danuta Charwat-McCall
Isabella and Caldecott Chubb
Barbara Clark
Marian and Stephen Cohen
Glen Cooper LMT *
Robert Dautch
Adrianne and Andrew Davis
Claire Fackler
Terry and Joyce Fernandez
Ann Dusenberry and Brad Fiedel

Phillip Fine
Lena Firestone
Dawn Fitzgerald
Dick and Mickey Flacks
Charles Forslund
Jeffrey Newton and Carla Frisk
Patricia and Jonathan Gartner
Natalie Gaynes
William Goldsmith
Paula Gregoire-Jones
Ray & Diane Hester
Linda Grace Hillman
Jean Holmes
Ken Hough
Colin Jones
Carol Keator
Hugh Kelly
Deirdre Kieckhefer
Janice and James Knight
Linda Krop

Lori La Riva
David Landecker
Lori Lenz
Lisa Leombruni
Betsy Little
Bradley Lundgren
Cynthia Manzer
Matter Family Office
Leslie and Peter MacDougall
Ann and Hale Milgrim
Rick and Wendy Mokler
Jeanette and Robert Mustacich
Anne Newman
David Pellow
Bill and Dolores Pollock
Randall Family Trust
Meredith Reeback
Edgar Rhodes
Marsha and Alan Roberson
Carol Sacks

Anita Staeheli
Cevin Cathell and Peter Stricker
Derek Swafford
Tom McKean and Marq Taylor
Terra Sol Garden Center *
Teton Family Charitable Foundation
Betsy Theis
Bicky Townsend
Paul Wack
Nicole and Mike Wald
Russ Waldrop
Howard Rothman
and Jane Warner
Ashley Watkins
David Wexler
Brooke Williams
Bob and Robbie Wright
Laura and Geof Wyatt
Ken Yamamoto LMT *
Jill Zachary

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