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CEC is committed to creating a more resilient and just region in the face of climate change. Through our work with the Central Coast Climate Justice Network and elsewhere, our vision includes an end to racial injustices and their resulting environmental inequities.




Hailey Allison
Sarah Antonelli
Aubrey Baker
Savanna Bjorklund
Sarah Bourke
Morgan Cameron
Justin Capone
Beverly Cervantes
Alice Chang
Jennifer Choi
Austin Clark
Lars Davenport
Nienke de Jong
Emily DeMarco
Becky Dempsey
Samuel Desre
Gavin Feigner
Luke Feinberg
Lauren Flinn
Johanna Fornberg
Leanne French
Heather Goold
Devon Hay
Adrienne Hewitt

Isabel Johanson
Rebecca Jump
Lynn Kaack
Kelly Kacmar
Perrie Kaminskas
Joy Kavanaugh
Iris Kelly
Reida Khan
Benjamin Kilpatrick
Miranda King
Ashley Koide
Chadd Konig
Emily Lam
Rob Larkin
Courtney Lee
Leah Makler
Jessica McCool
Logan McCoy
Keita Nakano
Kelley Neumann
Zak Pettit
Alejandra Posada
Sydney Read

Marjan Riazi
Andrea Romano
Katie Romanov
Jasmine Salvino
Abhi Sarkar-Frandsen
Kendall Shain
Lexi Spaulding
Stephen Stirling
Nancy Stueben
Ava Talehakimi
Haley Turner
Kristin Van Abel
Kalani Villegas
Anneli Volausson
Amanda Weymouth
Charlotte Will
Rebecca Wright
Joyful Zendran-Kavanaugh

Did you intern with CEC in the past 10 years? Please contact Sigrid Wright,

Driving Electric for Under $40 per Month/Conducir con electricidad por menos de 40 dólares al mes

I am not a “car person.” If I can bike, walk, or bus to where I need to go, that’s what I’ll do. But as a parent and a commuter, a car is often necessary in my day-to-day life. So…

Entering the Driving on Sunshine Galaxy

When Tal first learned about ‘driving on sunshine,’ or powering an electric vehicle with solar energy produced by panels on your home, it seemed like a science fiction fantasy come to life.

Retired Fire Chief and Green Business Leaders Join CEC #cecfamily

We are pleased to welcome new members to our Board and staff whose strong environmental advocacy will support our green business and transportation efforts. Additions to CEC Board of Directors CEC’s Board of Directors is a strong group of advocates…

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